Black Rose of my Mar Vaglia,
beautiful as colour of evening in all the fervour
to be captured in flower of thine sexuality
to adorn backyard of womanhood enchanted
by perfume of our want
as honey lends sweetness to palate

Black Rose of my Mar Vaglia,
to be savored by style of mine
for thee as lust of my wishes
feasts upon juices of paradise
to quench thirst while passions
spray flower of lady with fragrance
of lust to raise senses
for tempestuous storms to rage

Black Rose of my Mar Vaglia,
it’s with fiery kiss that black rose
welcome root of mine to her paradise
as wealthy lips with tenderness
encounter want of mine
in sturdy embrace while root of mine
makes manner ever emergent in our needs
while wishes flood her backyard of untamed magnificence

Black Rose of my Mar Vaglia,
ever sensuous ornament of thine femininity
as we make journey by means of out lands a far
in romantic escapades of untamed carnality
nay conscious of boundaries as world be ours
to indulge flights of fantasy
in scandalous spectacles
of incendiary acts of flesh

Black Rose of my Mar Vaglia,
it’s in rituals of these in search of treasure
at the hours of darkness that root of mine
discovers unique rose in backyard
fertile in moisture as burst arrives
to time with enraptures of thine wrestle
in act momentous as our worship

Black Rose of my Mar Vaglia,
ever tender flower of thine affections
for our adorations as rose of want
joins our methods in to at least one lifetime of bliss
for us to spend days of pleasure