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Islamic calligraphy is a visual expression of the best artwork of all for the muslim. It’s the artwork of the non secular world. Calligraphy actually means writing fantastically and ornamentally. Islamic calligraphy is the artwork of writing, and by extension, of bookmaking. This artwork has most frequently employed the Arabic script, all through many languages. Since Arabic calligraphy was the first means for the preservation of the Quran, Calligraphy is very revered amongst Islamic arts. The work of the well-known muslim calligraphers had been collected and tremendously appreciated all through Islamic historical past. Consideration of figurative artwork as idolatrous led to calligraphy and summary figures turning into the primary strategies of inventive expression in Islamic cultures. Modern muslim calligraphers are additionally producing the Islamic calligraphy of excessive inventive high quality.

Calligraphic scripts

  1. The Kufic script is the primary of these calligraphic scripts to achieve popularit.
  2. It was angular, manufactured from sq. and quick horizontal strokes, lengthy verticals, and daring, compact circles.
  3. For 3 centuries, this script had been primarily used to repeat the Quran.
  4. The cursive Naskh script was extra usually used for informal writing.
  5. This script had rounder letters and skinny traces.
  6. It might come to be most well-liked to Kufic for copying the Quran as strategies for writing on this fashion had been refined.
  7. Virtually all printed materials in Arabic is in Naskh.
  8. The Thuluth would tackle the decorative function previously related to the Kufic script within the thirteenth century.
  9. Thuluth is normally written in ample curves because it has a powerful cursive facet.
  10. The Persians took to utilizing Arabic script for their very own language, Persian after their conversion to Islam.
  11. The Taliq and Nastaliq kinds had been contributed to Arabic calligraphy by the Persians.
  12. Nastaliq fashion is extraordinarily cursive, with exaggeratedly lengthy horizontal strokes.
  13. The Diwani script is a cursive fashion of Arabic calligraphy.
  14. It was developed in the course of the reign of the early Ottoman Turks (sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries).
  15. This excellent Diwani script was each ornamental and communicative.
  16. Lastly, Riqa is essentially the most generally used script for on a regular basis use.
  17. It’s easy and simple to jot down.
  18. Its actions are small.
  19. In China, a calligraphic type referred to as Sini has been developed.
  20. This kind has evident influences from Chinese language calligraphy.
  21. Hajji Noor Deen Mi Guangjiang is a well-known trendy calligrapher on this custom.


Essentially the most Islamic of arts within the Muslim world, has additionally its figurative sides. The muslim calligraphers have produced fantastic anthropomorphic figures by interweaving written phrases, comprised of an “Allah” , a “Muhammad” , a “Bismillah” , and many others., or utilizing micrography. These embody , (Ali, the Best Human of mystics, a praying man, a face), (Duldul, horse of Ali, horse (Alis Duldul), fish, stork or different hen (the quranic Hudhud) and unanimated representations (a sword (Dhu al-Fiqar) and a mosque. Calligrams are associated to Muslim mysticism and widespread with many main calligraphers in Turkey, Persia and India from the seventeenth century onward.

Pakistani Islamic Calligraphy

Pakistan has produced Islamic calligraphist of worldwide recognition. Sadeqain is on of those worldwide fame Islamic calligraphist. He was an untraditional and self-made, self-taught painter and calligrapher. He did loads of work on Quranic calligraphy. Many different up to date Pakistani calligraphists like Gul Gee have created nice up to date Islamic calligraphy. Today, Islamic calligraphies of Tufail and Uzma Tufail are getting very a lot widespread each in Pakistan and everywhere in the world.

Islamic Calligrahpy as an Islamic Present

The Muslims like to adore their properties, places of work and locations of their work with the Islamic calligraphy. The Islamic calligraphies particularly the verses from the Holy Quran and the verses from the sayings of the Holy Prophet are thought of to be very sacred to muslims. Islamic calligraphy certainly make the right present for a muslim for any big day. A muslim can ship an Islamic present of Islamic calligraphy to congratulate his relative or good friend on his new residence or new workplace or on his birthday or marriage ceremony ceremony or on Eid Competition.

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