In the event you’re seeking to create a fantastic out of doors area, small evergreen shrubs may be a great selection for offering year-round shade and texture. In addition to, most of those evergreen shrubs can thrive in full solar whereas others favor shade.

So, if you need rigorously chosen vegetation in your borders, and pots, or to brighten the entrance of your home then you definitely’ll love as we speak’s put up.

These vegetation will add magnificence to your panorama design and are additionally low upkeep and require minimal pruning.

Let’s begin:

13 of one of the best small evergreen shrubs

Tater Tot Arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis ‘Tater Tot’)

Evergreen Thuja

The Tator Tot arborvitae is a type of small evergreen shrubs that like to develop in full solar. However can tolerate a little bit of shade too. It grows spherical and neat (with out pruning) making it a great selection for small yards or gardens.

Arborvitae has lush inexperienced foliage with a novel texture that provides a contact of ritual to any backyard.

Given the correct rising circumstances, this plant can develop to 1 – 2 ft tall and thrives greatest in zones 3a by 8b. Furthermore, this shrub is comparatively cold-hardy and may survive temperatures as little as -20 levels Fahrenheit.

Adam’s Needle
(Yucca filamentosa)

Adam’s Needle is an evergreen shrub with sword-like leaves and an ornamental trunk. It may be used as an accent plant, basis plant, mass planting, or container plant. It grows greatest in full solar and requires well-drained soils.

The foliage of Adam’s needle can attain as much as 3 ft in peak and is comparatively drought tolerant. This makes it a great selection for xeriscaping or succulent gardens.

Emerald n Gold (Euonymous fortunei
‘Emerald n Gold’)

Euonymous fortunei ‘Emerald n Gold’ is a variegated evergreen shrub that may attain as much as 8 ft tall with brilliant golden foliage and inexperienced margins.

It grows effectively in zones 6a-9b however requires full solar to partial shade. This plant can be simple to look after because it’s drought-tolerant and does not require pruning.

In addition to providing privateness in your patio, the golden hues of the foliage will make all the things look extra alive and vibrant.

Simply remember the fact that this selection does not tolerate chilly temperatures beneath 10F (-12C). The Emerald n Gold shrub can be proof against deer, making it an important selection for gardens in areas with excessive deer populations.

Different appropriate cultivar alternate options embrace; Emerald Gaiety, Wintercreeper, and Moonshadow.

Little Heath (Pieris japonica
‘Little Heath’)

Little Heath -Pieris japonica

Also called Pieris japonica, Little Heath is a compact small evergreen shrub that grows as much as 60cm. The leaves have hanging white margins with sparsely distributed white flowers originating from pink buds.

This plant grows effectively in acidic, reasonably fertile, humus-rich soil however may have some safety in winter when younger.

Dwarf Mountain Pine
(Pinus mugo)

Dwarf Mountain Pine - Pinus mugo

This small evergreen shrub is a slow-growing number of mountain pine. It might take as much as 10 years to achieve its mature dwarf dimension. This shrub is ideal for individuals who wish to add some peak and curiosity to their backyard with out taking on an excessive amount of area.

The foliage of Dwarf Mountain Pine stays a fantastic darkish inexperienced all yr spherical, with much more vibrant colours in winter. It additionally has a deep root system so it is best to plant this shrub the place its roots will not be disturbed.

In addition to, it is drought-tolerant and may deal with temperatures as little as -30F (-34C). With correct care, Dwarf Mountain Pine can attain as much as 4 ft tall with an expansion of 8′-10′ inside 7 years.

Mountain Laurel
(Kalmia latifolia)

Small Evergreen Shrubs - Mountain Laurel

Mountain Laurel is an evergreen shrub native to the jap United States, rising in zones 4-9. It has shiny, inexperienced, and broad leaves that produce lovely cup-shaped white or pink flowers in late spring to early summer time.

The plant is a gorgeous plant for any backyard because it provides texture and shade with its pretty foliage. It is also drought-tolerant and deer resistant.

You need to be aware that Mountain Laurel prefers partial shade and acidic soil with a pH vary of 4.5 – 6.0. So long as you present these circumstances, you will have a thriving great thing about a plant.

False Cypress ‘Golden Mop’
(Chamaecyparis pisifera)

The False Cypress ‘Golden Mop’ is a slow-growing evergreen shrub that gives many advantages. It may be used as a basis plant or in containers so as to add peak and texture. Its golden foliage brightens up any backyard and gives a novel look to any panorama.

The tree grows greatest in full solar however can tolerate partial shade. It additionally prefers well-drained, fertile soil and is drought-tolerant as soon as established. Moreover, this evergreen shrub is cold-hardy and may survive temperatures as little as -20 levels Fahrenheit.

Winter Heath (Erica carnea
‘December Crimson’)

In the event you’re in search of a gorgeous year-round shrub, then Winter Heath it’s. With linear, needle-like leaves all year long and a break of pink flowers in late winter into early spring, it is a small shrub, like no different.

It requires moist, well-drained soil with excessive natural content material and low fertility, full solar to half shade. It’s illiberal of sizzling, dry circumstances or heavy pruning (into the wooden).

In the event you should prune it, accomplish that after flowering within the spring to keep away from leafless stems, by trimming to the bottom of the flowering spike. 

Additionally after flowering, lower the leafy stems by half which is able to set off branching out to maintain the plant tight and dense.

Different standard cultivars so that you can think about embrace ‘King George’ and ‘Springwood White’.

Nandina Hearth Energy (Nandina domestica
‘Hearth Energy’)

Nandina domestica ‘Hearth Energy’ usually grows to solely 2′ tall and as vast. It produces only a few flowers or fruit and is mainly grown for its engaging foliage.

The place evergreen, the leaves normally retain wonderful pink shade all through winter – therefore the identify Firepower.

The plant makes a wonderful accent or border plant within the panorama and can be used as a low casual hedge.

Dwarf English Boxwood (Buxus sempervirens

Dwarf English Boxwood

This compact, evergreen shrub is a sluggish grower, reaching round 2-3′ tall and vast.  

The foliage of small, shiny oval leaves has a gorgeous yellowish tint in winter. It responds effectively to trimming and may be stored in a really neat and tidy form.

All the identical, it stays small, spherical, and neat with or with out pruning.

It’ll develop in full solar to half shade, in moist, well-drained soil with a barely acidic pH. 

Dwarf English Boxwood makes a wonderful low hedge or border plant for formal panorama designs in addition to casual gardens.

Dwarf Conifers

Evergreen Conifers

Dwarf conifers are a number of the most unique small evergreen shrubs you may plant in your backyard.

The time period dwarf is a unfastened time period and covers woody vegetation from creeping juniper, just a few inches excessive, to dwarf spruce and pine which might be as much as 15′ or extra tall.

These evergreen shrubs vary in dimension from 2’-3’ tall, relying on the species and cultivar.

Some standard varieties embrace the ‘Blue Star’ Juniper (Juniperus squamata), which grows about 2 ft tall with an expansion of 4′ and has brilliant silver-blue needles; ‘Nana’ Dwarf White Pine (Pinus strobus), which reaches as much as 3 ft tall with equal width and options thick, tender needles in a silver-green shade; and the dwarf Alberta spruce (Picea glauca
‘Conica’), which grows sluggish, compact and has brilliant inexperienced foliage.

All of those small conifers can add unbelievable accents to a small yard backyard or a large-scale rock backyard.

Blue Star Juniper
(Juniperus squamata)

‘Blue Star’ Singleseed Juniper is a cultivar that could be a dwarf conifer, an evergreen, and slow-growing shrub that will attain from 1 to three ft tall and 1 to 4 ft vast.

The shrub kinds a compact, dense mound. The leaves are blue-gray, awl-shaped needles with a white band that overlap and are densely organized in whorls of three. The fruits are bluish-berry-like seed cones.

The ‘Blue Star’ Singleseed Juniper cultivar is a superb choice as a basis plant, for rock gardens, specimens, or planted in mass as a floor cowl.

(Leucothoe spp.)

Small Evergreen Shrubs - Leucothoe - Leucothoe spp.

There are two species to select from. You’ll be able to go for a dynamic blaze of shade (Leucothoe axillaris
‘Little Flames’) or the extra conservative variegated one (Leucothoe fontanesiana

Whichever cultivar you select, these evergreen shrubs are very adaptable and may tolerate each solar and shade.

In addition to, Leucothoe has quite a lot of engaging traits reminiscent of shiny foliage, small white flowers within the spring, and beautiful pink stems in winter.

This shrub is a perfect basis or border plant, and it additionally appears to be like great when planted in mass. If you wish to preserve it compact, prune it after flowering. In any other case, no pruning is required.


Small evergreen shrubs are an effective way so as to add texture, shade, and curiosity to your backyard or panorama. With so many alternative cultivars accessible available on the market as we speak, you are certain to search out one that matches your explicit wants and design type.

From dwarf conifers like Juniperus squamata ‘Blue Star’ and Pinus strobus ‘Nana Dwarf White Pine’, to Leucothoe axillaris ‘Little Flames’ for an eye catching splash of shade – there’s something for everybody!

You’ll want to think about solar publicity when choosing small evergreen shrubs as some might require extra shade than others, however no matter you select will make a gorgeous addition to any out of doors area.


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