Propagating bromeliad pups is each enjoyable and rewarding, permitting you to simply fill your property with lovely crops.

On this submit I’ll information you thru your complete four-step course of, from selecting the correct time for propagation to separating the pups and potting up the infants.

I’ll additionally record the provides you’ll want and share my ideas for achievement, so that you’ll be absolutely geared up to propagate bromeliads like a professional.

Two bromeliad pups ready to propagate
Two bromeliad pups able to propagate
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What Are Bromeliad Pups?

Bromeliad pups are child crops (aka offshoots) that develop across the base of the primary one. Though they will seem at any time, they often start to type when the mom is coming to the tip of its life cycle.

Sadly, most bromeliad varieties die after flowering, however propagating the pups means you’ll have numerous new infants to get pleasure from.

You are able to do this by both by eradicating them from the mom as soon as they’re giant sufficient, or permitting them to develop after the primary plant has died.

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Bromeliad pup growing from the plant
Bromeliad pup rising from the plant

When To Propagate Bromeliads

The perfect time to propagate bromeliads is when the pups are round ⅓ to ½ the dimensions of the mom. It is a good indication that they’ll be capable to survive on their very own. However precisely if you select to take away them is a matter of desire.

For those who go away them connected to the primary plant, they may proceed to take nourishment from it. Because of this, the offsets will mature extra rapidly.

For those who select to take away them when they’re on the smaller aspect, nevertheless, chances are you’ll discover that the mom will dedicate her power to producing much more pups. This implies extra crops for you sooner or later.

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How To Propagate Bromeliads Step-By-Step

Listed here are the provides you’ll want – and the easy steps to observe – to securely separate the bromeliad infants from the mom.

Provides Wanted:

Step 1: Take away plant from pot – Begin by rigorously eradicating the mom from its pot, as this may make it simpler to see the place it’s good to lower. In case your bromeliad is rising open air, dig it up.

Potted bromeliad with a pup
Potted bromeliad with a pup

Step 2: Loosen the rootball – Use your fingers to softly loosen the rootball. If the roots are very tangled, I discover steel chopsticks are nice for figuring out the knots.

Loosening soil around bromeliad offset
Loosening soil round bromeliad offset

Step 3: Reduce off the pup(s) – Use clear, sterilized clippers or a pointy knife to separate the infants from the primary plant. Reduce every offshoot off on the level the place it’s connected to the mom.

Cutting the pup from the mother plant
Reducing the pup from the mom plant

Step 4: Repot the mom – If the mom bromeliad remains to be wholesome after propagating the pups, repot or replant it. For those who’re fortunate, chances are you’ll be rewarded with much more pups. But when the father or mother has died, merely discard it.

My bromeliad replanted after propagation
My bromeliad replanted after propagation

How Lengthy Does It Take Bromeliad Pups To Root?

For those who take the time to make sure that the heat, humidity, and lightweight circumstances are right, it ought to take round 4 weeks for the bromeliad pups to root.

You’ll know they’re rooted if you begin to see new progress. You may as well check them by tugging on the pups gently. If they’ve roots, then they shouldn’t transfer.

How To Pot Bromeliad Pups

Use a container roughly twice the dimensions of the infant and fill it with potting soil or a fast-draining combine. Then, plant the pups on the similar depth they had been within the authentic container, taking care to cowl all the roots.

Lastly, place the pot in a heat location with loads of shiny, oblique gentle, fill the pup’s heart cup with water, and maintain the soil evenly moist, however not soggy.

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Propagating Bromeliad Pups With out Roots

Even when your bromeliad pups don’t have roots, you possibly can nonetheless propagate them. That’s as a result of they’re epiphytes and get their vitamins and moisture from their central cups. 

Potting them up, nevertheless, could be a little more difficult. Since there’s nothing to anchor them down, it may be tempting to push them into the soil fairly deeply.

However as an alternative, I like to recommend you prop them up with wood stakes, as this may permit them to develop roots with out the chance of rotting in the event that they’re planted too deep.

Alternatively, you possibly can tie the pup to a department or corkboard, which mimics how it might develop in its pure surroundings.

New baby bromeliads potted up
New child bromeliads potted up


Are bromeliads straightforward to propagate?

Sure, bromeliads are very straightforward to propagate by dividing and repotting the pups – the offshoots that type on the base of the plant. It doesn’t take any particular abilities, and even learners can use this methodology to multiply their assortment.

Can you allow bromeliad pups on the mom plant?

Sure, you possibly can go away bromeliad pups on the mom plant, even because it begins to die. As soon as the mom is totally useless, you possibly can merely lower it away and the pups will proceed to develop.

Do bromeliads develop from cuttings?

You possibly can propagate bromeliads by reducing off the infants (additionally known as pups or offshoots), however you can’t root stem cuttings or the person leaves.

Extra About Plant Propagation

Share your ideas for propagating bromeliads within the feedback part under.

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How To Propagate Bromeliads Step By Step Instructions


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