On this planet of gardening, the follow of companion planting has gained reputation for its exceptional potential to boost the well being and productiveness of crops. Relating to spinach companion vegetation, the strategic collection of vegetation to develop alongside this leafy inexperienced could make a major distinction to your harvest.

This text outlines over 40 nice companion vegetation for spinach, explaining how every plant can increase progress, deter widespread pests, and contribute to a thriving backyard.  We additionally cowl the worst vegetation to develop alongside spinach that will help you keep away from any points.

Enhance your spinach harvest with our curated list of spinach companion plants! Explore the benefits of companion planting for improved yield and natural pest control. Click to read the full article and unlock the secrets to a thriving vegetable garden. #companionplanting

What’s companion planting?

Companion planting is a gardening method that includes strategically rising completely different vegetation in proximity to at least one one other to maximise mutual profit and promote general backyard well being.

This age-old follow goals to harness the pure synergies between sure plant species to foster a more healthy, extra resilient backyard surroundings.

Key advantages of companion planting

Pure Pest Management: Sure plant mixtures repel pests (generally known as entice cropping) or appeal to useful bugs, decreasing the necessity for chemical pesticides.Improved Soil Fertility: Companion planting fosters nutrient alternate and nitrogen fixation between appropriate vegetation, enhancing general soil well being.Shade Provision: Some plant mixtures present shade, stopping water evaporation and defending extra delicate vegetation from intense daylight.Biodiversity: Creates a various backyard ecosystem that promotes resilience and stability between species.Enhanced Pollination: Attracts bees and different pollinators, enhancing the pollination of crops and resulting in elevated yield.Weed Suppression: Some companion vegetation act as pure weed suppressors, serving to to manage undesirable plant progress.House Optimisation: Environment friendly use of backyard area by strategically inserting vegetation that complement one another’s progress habits.Illness Resistance: Sure plant mixtures may also help deter the unfold of ailments by creating an surroundings much less conducive to pathogens.Elevated Yield: Companion planting contributes to more healthy and extra productive gardens by leveraging the constructive interactions between vegetation.

General, the companion planting method not solely boosts plant progress and yield, but additionally creates an ecosystem that fosters a harmonious stability between completely different species.  It may possibly save gardeners effort and cash too!

The perfect spinach companion vegetation

Now you realize why it’s an excellent concept to companion plant spinach, check out this record of the perfect spinach companion vegetation that can assist your vegetable patch flourish.

Edible vegetation to develop alongside spinach

kale leaves


Crops that belong to the brassica household are nice spinach companion vegetation as a result of their root techniques don’t develop on the identical depth as spinach roots.  This implies they received’t compete for water and soil vitamins.

Members of the brassica household embrace:

KaleCabbageBroccoliBrussels sproutsCauliflowerTurnipsRadishesArugulaCollard greensMustard greensBok choyKohlrabiWatercress

runner bean plants climbing up poles


Crops from the legume household play a key function in soil well being.  Once they die again, they add nitrogen to the soil, which is a key nutrient on the subject of plant progress. For that reason you would possibly see these vegetation known as ‘nitrogen fixers’.

Within the context of companion planting for spinach, rising legumes in the identical place and letting the vegetation die again will enrich the soil and assist robust progress in your spinach vegetation.

Legumes embrace:

onion plants in the ground


Allium vegetation have a robust scent, and this will act as a deterrent to spinach pests corresponding to aphids, flea beetles, and leaf miners. They’re additionally nice on the subject of attracting useful bugs that prefer to feed on these pests.

The upright behavior of most alliums means they don’t take up a lot room both.

Alliums embrace:

cucumber plants


The identify of this plant household might not be acquainted, however numerous the vegetation will likely be. Circubits make good spinach companion vegetation as a result of they received’t compete for vitamins. They work greatest when you develop them vertically quite than alongside the bottom as they are going to depart sufficient area for spinach that method.

Curcubits to strive rising with spinach embrace:

carrots in soil


Carrots are root greens, and which means they’re nice at enhancing the construction of soil. Their faucet roots assist to interrupt up soil and make it simpler for spinach seeds and younger vegetation to develop.

coriander leaves

Aromatic herbs

Like alliums, herbs can present robust scents that repel insect pests. Some sorts of aromatic herb can even appeal to useful bugs.

Nice herbs to make use of when companion planting spinach embrace:

MintCoriander (Cilantro)ChivesParsleyBasilRosemary



Lettuce enjoys related rising situations to spinach, and the 2 make good companions.

For those who plant these two leafy greens in shut promximity you can even minimise weeds and assist to maintain the soil temperature down.

tomatoes growing on a vine


The rising season for tomatoes is just like spinach, and the 2 vegetation will likely be joyful aspect by aspect.  Interplanting spinach amongst your tomato vegetation is a simple strategy to take advantage of the accessible area, and your spinach vegetation can even present floor cowl.  The 2 harvests received’t compete both as your spinach will likely be prepared lengthy earlier than your tomatoes.

peppers growing on a plant


Like tomatoes, pepper vegetation are perfect for companion planting with spinach to maximise soil utilization with out creating competitors.

aubergine growing on a plant

Aubergines (eggplants)

Aubergines additionally work nicely for spinach companion planting in the identical method as tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.

swiss chard plants

Swiss chard

Swiss chard belongs to the identical plant household as spinach, however it is going to fortunately develop alongside it and might even present useful shade.

strawberry plant in a pot


Strawberry vegetation prefer to unfold at floor stage, and this behavior will hold the soil cool and restrict water evaporation – each of which is good for spinach vegetation.  Additionally they make good companion vegetation for spinach as a result of they don’t develop as tall as spinach.

Flowering spinach companion vegetation

orange nasturtium flowers


Nasturtiums make glorious companion vegetation for spinach as they are going to appeal to aphids and different predatory bugs.  The flowers look beautiful too and are a good way to fairly up your vegetable plot. And as an added bonus, the flowers and seeds are additionally edible.

white cosmos flowers


Pretty cosmos is a simple flower to develop from seed that comes with added advantages when companion planting spinach.  Like nasturtiums, cosmos will appeal to dangerous bugs and produce color to your plot, and the tall vegetation can even create the partial shade that spinach enjoys.

orange marigold flowers


If that you must hold aphids and/or mosquitos away out of your spinach crop, marigolds are a good selection.  They may add a shot of color to the backyard too.

bee on zinnia flower


One other nice companion plant for spinach, zinnias will deter pests from munching in your crop. They can even present partial shade.

orange calendula flower


Like alliums and herbs, calendula has a scent that may deter predators – on this case rabbits in addition to pesky bugs.

The worst companion vegetation for spinach

Now let’s discover the vegetation that you must keep away from when companion planting spinach. Develop all of those in one other a part of the backyard to maintain all the pieces joyful.


Potatoes are heavy feeders, and when you develop them with spinach the 2 will compete for vitamins.


Fennel produces compounds that make life arduous for different edible crops, so it’s a good suggestion to develop it as a loner within the vegetable backyard.


Like fennel, sunflowers will inhibit spinach progress because of the compound they launch into the soil.


The dense vegetation and top of corn makes it a nasty companion plant for spinach as it is going to restrict accessible mild.


Pumpkins like to scramble and unfold, and as such they are going to compete an excessive amount of with spinach at floor stage. Keep away from planting spinach close to these space-hungry vegetation.

spinach plants growing in soil

Suggestions for rising spinach vegetation

In addition to selecting nice companion vegetation for spinach (Spinacia oleracea), there are another issues you are able to do to get essentially the most out of your crop.  Listed below are some ideas to assist your vegetation do nicely.

Develop spinach on the proper time of 12 months, to offer optimum temperature and daylight.Spinach likes moist, fertile soil that drains nicely, or good high quality compost in pots.Present your vegetation with partial shade.Enable sufficient area for progress when planting.Water often for greatest outcomes.For those who’re rising spinach from seed, plant small batches frequently to create a steady provide of leaves.

Guidelines for companion planting spinach

Right here’s a fast reminder of the situations that you must look out for when selecting spinach companion vegetation:

Fertile soilWell-drained soilTemperatures 15-20°C/60–70°FRegular wateringAbility to offer shade (not important however good to have)

From pest administration to improved soil fertility and environment friendly area utilisation, the advantages of companion planting are there for the taking. Embracing the ideas of companion planting for spinach guarantees not solely a bountiful spinach harvest, however a deeper understanding and appreciation for the interconnected nature of gardening.

Extra companion planting recommendation

For extra ideas and recommendation on profitable companion planting, check out these articles:

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Enhance your spinach harvest with our curated list of spinach companion plants! Explore the benefits of companion planting for improved yield and natural pest control. Click to read the full article and unlock the secrets to a thriving vegetable garden. #companionplanting


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