Reblooming Thanksgiving cactus is simpler than you might suppose and it’s potential to encourage them to flower yearly.

On this publish I’m going to elucidate simply find out how to do it, with detailed step-by-step directions.

Getting your Schlumbergera truncata to provide its stunning blooms in time for the Thanksgiving vacation will depend on three essential components: darkness, low temperature, and timing.

Learn on to find find out how to set off your Thanksgiving cactus to rebloom and convey an excellent splash of colour into your own home for the season.

How To Get Your Thanksgiving Cactus To Bloom Again

Does Thanksgiving Cactus Rebloom?

Sure, you possibly can stimulate your Thanksgiving (aka November) cactus to rebloom 12 months after 12 months, nevertheless it’s necessary to comply with the straightforward steps I describe under.

They’ll naturally bloom once more within the fall on their very own yearly, often someday in November.

However they’ll typically want somewhat assist, particularly indoors, and the timing, temperature, and quantity of sunshine they obtain should be excellent.

What Triggers A Thanksgiving Cactus To Bloom?

Schlumbergera truncata wants a quick relaxation interval, or partial dormancy, to provide flower buds. In its pure habitat in southeast Brazil, the cooler nights and shorter days of fall set off dormancy.

To copy this surroundings at house, it’s essential to management the temperature and quantity of sunshine your plant receives.

I additionally advocate maintaining your Thanksgiving cactus barely pot-bound, as this may assist it bloom extra readily.

When Will My Thanksgiving Cactus Bloom Once more?

Within the splendid surroundings, your Thanksgiving cactus will bloom once more yearly, someday in mid to late November, or across the time of the US vacation.

It’s not unusual for them to flower a second time within the spring, nevertheless it’s often a a lot smaller show.

Utilizing my directions under, you possibly can pressure your Schlumbergera truncata to rebloom on the good time every year, offering an attractive centerpiece to your Thanksgiving desk.

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Getting my Thanksgiving cactus to bloom
Getting my Thanksgiving cactus to bloom

How Do I Get My Thanksgiving Cactus To Bloom Once more?

To set off your November cactus to bloom once more, that you must replicate the situations it will encounter in its pure habitat within the fall.

This implies it’s essential to management the quantity of water and lightweight it receives, and ensure the temperature is low sufficient.

1. Scale back Watering

To indicate your Thanksgiving cactus that it’s virtually time to relaxation, the very first thing to do is cut back the quantity of moisture. So beginning in late summer time or early fall, reduce down on the quantity of water you give it.

Enable the soil to dry barely earlier than watering it once more, however don’t let it dry out fully.

Use a moisture gauge that will help you get the stability excellent. A studying within the 2-3 vary signifies it’s time to water your plant.

Checking moisture level to rebloom thanksgiving cactus
Checking moisture stage to rebloom thanksgiving cactus

2. Put It In The Darkish

One other set off for reblooming a Thanksgiving cactus is much less daylight, which is regular within the fall. However they’ll want full darkness for 12-16 hours every evening for 6-8 weeks.

Beginning in late September or early October, place your November cactus in a darkish room, closet or lavatory in a single day.

Alternatively you can cowl it with a black out fabric or blanket to fully block out the sunshine. If this darkness is interrupted – even by synthetic mild – it could forestall buds from forming.

Deliver it again out into vivid mild in the course of the day or uncover it, however keep away from exposing it to direct daylight.

3. Maintain It Cool

Cooler temperatures is one other necessary key to getting your Thanksgiving cactus to bloom once more.

It must be not less than 10°F (-12.2°C) decrease at evening than in the course of the day. A spread of 50-55°F (10-12.8°C) in a single day is right, though as heat as 60°F (15.6°C) could be nice.

Simply make sure that the temperature by no means drops under 40°F (4.4°C), or this might injury your plant.

The best method to do that is to maneuver it exterior at evening, or place it in a cool room, comparable to an unfinished basement. Use a thermometer to watch the temperature.

Monitoring Thanksgiving cactus reblooming temperature
Monitoring Thanksgiving cactus reblooming temperature

How Lengthy Does It Take Thanksgiving Cactus To Bloom Once more?

On common, it takes Schlumbergera truncata anyplace from 6 to eight weeks to bloom once more.

Buds might begin to kind in as few as 3 weeks, however it could take so long as 8 weeks if the environmental situations will not be fairly proper.

When To Put Thanksgiving Cactus In The Darkish

Put your Thanksgiving cactus at nighttime round 6 to eight weeks earlier than you need it to rebloom.

So, to have flowers in time for the vacation, this implies that you must begin anytime from late September or early October.

A straightforward approach to determine this out is to depend backward 6 to eight weeks earlier than the fourth Thursday of November.

Thanksgiving cactus blooms getting bigger
Thanksgiving cactus blooms getting larger

Why Received’t My Thanksgiving Cactus Flower Once more?

There are a number of issues that would cease your November cactus reblooming. Listed below are the most typical causes.

An excessive amount of water – It’s necessary to scale back the quantity of water you give your plant within the fall, and permit it to dry out extra between drinks.

It’s too heat or chilly – Your Thanksgiving cactus ideally wants temperatures between 50-55° (10-12.8°C) in a single day to make it flower once more.

Not sufficient darkness – Giving them 12 to 16 dead nights every evening is important, and any interruption, even from synthetic mild sources, can suppress flowering.

Not too long ago repotted – Schlumbergera truncata will bloom finest when barely pot-bound, so yours might have a 12 months or two to flower once more for those who repotted it not too long ago.

Thanksgiving cactus starting to bloom again
Thanksgiving cactus beginning to bloom once more

What To Do As soon as Your Thanksgiving Cactus Units Buds

One of many greatest frustrations to reblooming Thanksgiving cactus is when it lastly units buds… after which they rapidly begin dropping off earlier than they open.

To forestall that from occurring, it’s essential to provide it the right care throughout flowering. Listed below are my tricks to make the blooms final so long as potential.

Improve watering – As soon as it units buds, begin watering extra typically in order that the soil stays constantly moist, however watch out to not overwater.

Give it vivid mild – As quickly as buds seem, transfer your Thanksgiving cactus to a vivid spot in your house the place it could obtain loads of oblique mild, and go away it there.

Shield from excessive temps – Monitor the temperature to make sure that it’s neither too sizzling or too chilly. A spread of 60-70°F (15.6-21.1°C) is right to advertise higher, longer-lasting blooms.

Don’t repot it – They flower finest when barely pot-bound. However for those who really feel yours wants repotting, wait till the spring after it’s achieved blooming.

Shield from drafts – Place your plant in a spot away from warmth vents, home windows, or different drafts, in any other case it could start to drop buds or flowers.

Flowers opening on Thanksgiving cactus
Flowers opening on Thanksgiving cactus


Under you’ll discover my solutions to a number of the most often requested questions on reblooming Thanksgiving cactus. In case you don’t see yours listed, please ask within the feedback.

Does Thanksgiving cactus want darkness to bloom?

Sure, a Thanksgiving cactus wants uninterrupted darkness for 12-16 hours every evening for 6-8 weeks to bloom once more. Beginning in late September or early October, put it in a darkish place like a rest room or closet, or use a blanket or black out fabric to completely block out all mild sources.

What number of years will a Thanksgiving cactus rebloom?

Below the precise situations, a Thanksgiving cactus will rebloom yearly for so long as it lives. And the excellent news is that the Schlumbergera truncata has an extremely lengthy life span, lasting anyplace from 40 to 100 years.

What number of occasions can a Thanksgiving cactus rebloom?

A Thanksgiving cactus usually blooms once more yearly in November (therefore its holiday-related identify). It’s potential for it to rebloom in spring, nevertheless it’s often a a lot smaller show, and this generally is a signal that the timing of its cool, darkish interval was flawed.

When do I pressure my cactus for Thanksgiving flowers?

You need to pressure your cactus for Thanksgiving flowers beginning in late summer time or early fall by decreasing watering. Then give it full darkness in a single day for about 6-8 weeks earlier than the vacation.

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Share your suggestions for find out how to get Thanksgiving cactus to bloom within the feedback part under.

How To Rebloom Thanksgiving Cactus Step By Step Guide

Step By Step Directions

How To Get Thanksgiving Cactus To Rebloom

How To Get Your Thanksgiving Cactus To Bloom Again

Uncover find out how to rebloom your Thanksgiving cactus in time for the vacation every year with my easy, step-by-step directions. You will be taught what it must flower efficiently, find out how to create these situations in your house, and find out how to care to your plant as soon as buds seem.


Scale back watering – Beginning in late September or early October, water your plant much less typically and permit the soil to dry out barely, however not fully, between drinks. To make this simple, use a moisture gauge and wait till it reads between 2-3. Reduced watering triggers Thanksgiving cactus blooms Put it at nighttime – Round 6-8 weeks earlier than Thanksgiving, place your cactus in a darkish room or closet for 12 to 16 hours each evening. Alternatively, cowl it with a blanket or blackout cloth to fully block out all mild. Putting my Thanksgiving cactus in the dark Maintain it cool – Use a thermometer to make sure that the room or out of doors temperature stays constantly between 50-55°F (10-12.8°C) every evening. Guarantee it by no means falls under 40°F (4.4°C) or rises above 60°F (15.6°C) in a single day, as these extremes might injury your plant or forestall reblooming. Cooler temperatures trigger Thanksgiving cactus blooms Watch for buds – These might start to seem in as few as 3 weeks, however can take as much as 8 weeks for buds to kind if the situations will not be fairly proper. New buds on forced Thanksgiving cactus Transfer it someplace vivid – As quickly as buds seem, transfer your Thanksgiving cactus to a vivid room the place it could obtain a lot of oblique mild, however keep away from direct solar publicity. Moved Thanksgiving cactus out of the dark Give it extra water – Return to your common watering schedule, however take care to not overwater. The soil must be moist, however to not the purpose of puddling.Benefit from the flowers – Place your flowering cactus within the heart of your Thanksgiving desk and share the sight of its stunning blooms together with your family and friends. Successfully made my Thanksgiving cactus rebloom


Be sure that your Thanksgiving cactus is in steady darkness for 12 to 16 hours each evening for 6-8 weeks. All mild sources must be blocked, together with synthetic ones, like road or evening lights.Don’t repot your November cactus earlier than triggering it to rebloom. A not too long ago repotted plant can take a 12 months or two to flower once more.As soon as the buds seem, give it vivid, oblique mild and temps between 60-70°F (15.6-21.1°C). Shield it from drafts and warmth sources, as these might trigger it to drop buds or flowers.


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