growing carrots in square foot gardenYou’ve made the smart choice to make use of foot by foot spacing to develop your carrot crop – however you is likely to be questioning simply what number of seeds to sow per sq.! 

You’ll be taught the best quantity shortly, however first you would possibly get pleasure from discovering simply how this spacing was developed. This manner you’ll be able to confidently sow your homegrown produce, understanding that the strategies you employ are tried and examined. 

The place Does Sq. Foot Plant Spacing Come From? 

Possibly you’ve heard of this rising method on social media or in gardening boards, with out even understanding that somebody really invented the strategy! 

square foot gardening bed with grids

A productive raised backyard mattress, grown “on the grid.”

This plant spacing was developed by Mel Bartholomew, the creator of the meals rising method generally known as Sq. Foot Gardening. Mel got here up with this methodology after recognizing the waste of house, time, vitality, and sources that’s concerned in row-based gardening. 

Mel began with the really helpful spacing for row-based agriculture, however performed round with rising extra densely till he hit on a superb thought: rising meals in a four-by-four-foot raised mattress divided by a grid into sixteen equal sections. Every part measures twelve inches by twelve inches. 

In his many years of analysis and experimenting, Mel discovered one of the best variety of crops to develop per grid part for all the frequent yard backyard crops – together with carrots! 

So, How Many Carrots Per Sq. Foot? 

On this gardening methodology, carrots are sown at a charge of sixteen crops per twelve-by-twelve-inch sq. – that’s to say, sixteen per particular person grid part, with every planted three inches aside from one another. 

plant spacing sixteen carrots per square, growing carrots

This root crop is sown sixteen per part. Photograph by Kristina Hicks-Hamblin.

This spacing meets a number of situations that can offer you a wholesome and considerable harvest of root crops from the backyard. 

First, this association maximizes using your raised mattress “actual property.” However it additionally supplies crops with loads of elbow room, in order that they aren’t cramped and don’t grow to be misshapen. (Wonky formed roots are a great deal of enjoyable to take photographs of – the issue is, as soon as you set down your telephone and transfer on to the kitchen, they’re not really easy to peel and chop!) 

This 16-per-square spacing additionally ensures that there’s loads of air move round every particular person plant. Good air move helps scale back the chance of fungal and bacterial ailments which have a better time gaining a foothold in crowded, humid situations. We need to make issues more durable for pests and ailments, not simpler! 

Extra Ideas for Planting Carrots

Earlier than you get busy with the enjoyable job of sowing beautiful little carrot seeds within the soil, listed below are a number of extra ideas that can be useful: 

growing carrots in a square foot garden

Following a number of ideas will lead to a bountiful harvest.

Poke 16 holes in a piece, making them roughly 1/4 of an inch deep. Drop within the seeds, then fill within the holes with Mel’s Combine. This may be certain that the seeds are solely evenly coated, since they require some daylight for germination. 

Since carrot seeds aren’t essentially the most dependable germinators, sow two or three seeds collectively for every of the sixteen holes within the grid part. 
Preserve seeds moist whereas they germinate and till they attain a number of inches tall. Chances are you’ll must water each day except your space is vulnerable to rain. As soon as the crops are established, they are going to be considerably extra immune to dry situations as they develop and you’ll transition to regular watering. 
For fall crops, sow seeds ten to 12 weeks earlier than your common first frost. For spring sowings, plant seeds two to 4 weeks earlier than your final common frost. This schedule will enable these cool climate veggies the correct amount of time to develop and mature. 
Did you discover all of the earlier ideas really helpful sowing seeds moderately than transplanting small crops? Take that as a cue – carrots which are grown from seed can be more healthy, extra profitable, and extra uniform than these which are transplanted. 

top hat for growing carrot

A high hat might be stuffed with Mel’s Combine and used for longer kinds of root crops.

Within the Sq. Foot Gardening Methodology, the really helpful depth for many raised beds is six inches. Whereas that’s deep sufficient for some carrot varieties like ‘Chantenay Purple Core,’ ‘Ox Coronary heart,’ or ‘Little Fingers,’ longer varieties want extra depth. 

Within the SFG Methodology this want is resolved by including a “high hat,” a twelve-by-twelve-inch field, that’s added as a second degree to one of many sections of your raised mattress, and is stuffed with Mel’s Combine, this Methodology’s rising medium of alternative. 

Now that precisely how you can sow your carrot seeds, why not enhance your gardening know-how by discovering the unique manner of “rising on the grid?” 


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