The 7-year melon, as soon as harvested, has an exceptionally laborious rind that when stored in optimum storage circumstances – cool, dry, and out of direct daylight – permits it to final for a few years with out rotting or shedding vital dietary worth.

This trait was notably precious within the instances earlier than trendy refrigeration and fast transport, because it offered a supply of nutritious meals that could possibly be saved all year long and even throughout lengthy journeys.

Native to the Americas, notably stretching from Mexico to Argentina, this distinctive plant is distinguished by its massive, lobed, fig leaf-shaped foliage and vibrant, white blossoms.

Cucurbita ficifolia thrives in numerous climates, exhibiting an distinctive tolerance for cooler temperatures, a trait not widespread in lots of squash varieties. The fruit itself is famend for its versatility; when immature, it boasts a refined taste and texture akin to summer season squash, however because it matures, it takes on a sweeter profile, just like that of a melon, which makes it a well-liked ingredient in dishes starting from savory entrees to desserts, particularly in numerous Latin American cuisines.

Furthermore, the seeds are usually not left behind of their utility, identified for his or her dietary content material; they’re usually toasted and consumed as a snack or used for medicinal functions.

Seeds could also be bought from Kitazawa Seed Co. which is called the Shark Fin Melon. Plant in spring because the climate warms.


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