Lisa atemoya is one number of atemoya. It has pinkish pores and skin, a pink core and white pulp. Initially, the seedling was grown in an experimental subject (in row 48 the twenty sixth plant) at Zill Excessive Efficiency Crops. So for a very long time, it was referred to as 48-26. Later, the hybridizers modified its identify to Lisa, after the long-time secretary at Zill Excessive Efficiency Crops.

The totally different styles of atemoya you could find are:

LisaGeffnerChocolate LisaAfrican Satisfaction (AP)PriestlyBradleyPhet Pak Chong (PPC)

What’s Atemoya Fruit

Atemoya fruit is a hybrid between sugar apple (Annona squamosa) and cherimoya (Annona cherimola). It’s believed to have originated from Israel. The variability was not bred on function although.

Somebody had a sugar apple tree subsequent to a cherimoya and the bugs helped do the work of cross pollination. Once they planted the seeds, they noticed that the brand new plant leaves was about half method between the sugar apple tree leaves and the leaves of the cherimoya tree.

The phrase atemoya is a mix between ‘ate’ (pronounced: A-Teh), which in some nation means sugar apple, and ‘moya’ because the final a part of cherimoya. So atemoya is a cross between the 2. And this tree thrives in Florida, Texas and a few components of California.

What Does Atemoya Style Like

Atemoya tastes actually candy with just a little little bit of tartness to steadiness out the flavour. For the Geffner atemoya selection particularly, it has a really good aroma to it. The pores and skin is skinny with little bumps on the skin. The pulp is agency and even fairly rubbery. In comparison with sugar apple, it has fewer seeds and a variety of good pulp to take pleasure in.

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